Family Worship Center
43350 Elizabeth Road    Clinton Township, MI 48036
Mom-To-Mom Resale


Dear Mom-to-Mom Resale Table Renter:

Date of the sale is May 19, 2001.  Time of open sale is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

* Set up will begin at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of the sale.  From approximately 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. table renters will be allowed to presale at each others’ tables.  After that, table renters are supposed to be at their table to sell their items to the outside shoppers.
Table renters are expected to provide their own change and their own bags.  Family Worship Center will not provide these items.  Renters are also expected to act as their own security for items that they bring to sell.  The church cannot be responsible if items or money are stolen from a renter.
You will be provided a table to sell your items from.  You must keep your items in the area assigned to you and not have items protruding out into the walkways where they may cause someone to fall or trip.  You may also rent space for a rack, which you must provide yourself.  Your rack must fit into the space provided.
If you bring children with you to the sale, you are responsible for your own child-care and for keeping them supervised. We will also be offering childcare for $ 1.25 per child per hour with you providing lunch. Refreshments & snacks will be available for you to purchase, if needed.
You are responsible for pricing and tagging your own items, and arranging them in an attractive and orderly manner.  This will help you sell your items.  For more information, see the attached sheet of tips on how to sell your items. Items must be clean.

* There will be a large item area.  If you have large items, please send a list of these items along with a description (Manufacturer, pattern, etc.) and the price you will be asking for each item by April 30.  

* Renters are expected to stay until 2 p.m.  Renters should not begin to pack up their items to leave before 1:45 p.m.  (This if for the sake of those buyers who may be traveling between Resale events).

 NAME:            ______________________________________________

ADDRESS:       ______________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER:  _______________________________________

Number of Table (s)  to rent @ $12.00:  ______          Rack space (with table rental only) @ $2.50 ______ 
                                                                                         (one rack space per table rental - rack provided by table-renter)

Big Item Room Fees: $1 per table for up to 4 items - more items at $1 each
Non-table-renters can place big items for sale in the Big Item Room for $5 for 1st two items,
with additional items for $1.50 each.
Number of Big Items: ______                Amount Due: _______

 TOTAL DUE:  ____________________ by April 30, 2001
(If payment is after this date, Money order only.)

I agree with all the above rules and regulations listed above:

SIGN HERE:  _________________________________________________________________

Please send your payment and a SASE to:
Mom2Mom Sale c/o 19371 Waldron, Roseville, MI 48066
Make check payable to: Family Worship Center